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Having a high temperature can be uncomfortable and alarming, especially in times like these. And while it’s likely that you’ve experienced a fever at some point in your life, you may be unaware of what exactly is going on inside your body.

Simply put, a fever is a higher body…


Humanity was built to explore — it’s not just in our nature, it’s in our DNA. Since our beginning we have traveled the planet searching for answers. Even before we finished discovering all there was on our planet, we began to look beyond. More specifically, we began to look up…

Artist’s concept of Kepler-442 b. Source: NASA

What if humanity managed to unite and as a global government we invested all our resources in finding and reaching a new planet?

Then the question becomes, what planet?

There aren’t any options in our solar system. Earth is the only planet in our solar system that’s in the habitable…

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So if we can’t overcome climate change here on Earth or get to a new planet in time, is the human race doomed?


What I do know is that taking money away from NASA and other space agencies won’t save us. Yes, they still cost a lot of money…

Simone Lilavois

A New York City high school sophmore passionate about redefining space exploration.

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