Chien-Shiung Wu and Beta Decay

Source: Brown University Department of Physics
Beta-minus decay vs beta plus decay

Beta-minus decay

  • 1 proton
  • 1 electron
  • 1 antineutrino

Beta-plus decay

  • 1 neutron
  • 1 positron
  • 1 neutrino
Source: Science Non-Fiction
  • The National Medal of Science
  • The Comstock Prize
  • The first honorary doctorate awarded to a woman at Princeton University
  • The 1978 Wolf Prize in Physics
  • Her widely-referenced book Beta Decay, published in 1965



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Simone Lilavois

Simone Lilavois

Simone Lilavois is a NYC high school student passionate about understanding the nature of existence in relation to the Cosmos.