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  • Lohit Potnuru

    Lohit Potnuru

    Creator. Innovator. Entrepreneur looking to make an impact. Quantum Computing | Artificial Intelligence

  • Ali Haider

    Ali Haider

    A 16-year-old exponential thinker who’s interested in using emerging technologies such as Brain-Computer Interfaces and Gene editing to change the medical field

  • Varsha Prasad

    Varsha Prasad

    A student interested in emerging tech

  • Linda Wei

    Linda Wei

    Hello, I’m a 16-year-old, working to solve the world’s biggest problems through innovation in the field of Biomimicry.

  • Kavya Mulgund

    Kavya Mulgund

    16y/o cellular agriculture enthusiast. Learning, writing, growing!

  • Richa Pandya

    Richa Pandya

    Working to make the world a better place | 15-yo quantum computing enthusiast

  • Aliya Ojuade

    Aliya Ojuade

    longevity/vr researcher - tks innovator - students x students editor studentsxstudents.com

  • Jolie Li

    Jolie Li

    I’m a 15-year-old innovator who writes about my journey in building and learning about rising technology like virtual reality.

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