Lise Meitner and Nuclear Fission

Lise Meitner at work, around 1930. Source: German Patent and Trademark Office.
Hahn and Meitner. Source: Smithsonian Institution/Science Photo Library
The “Otto Hahn table” holds the devices with which Meitner, Hahn, and Strassmann first performed the fission of atomic nuclei. Source: Deutsches Museum
Source: US Department of Energy
Excerpt from “Products of the Fission of the Uranium Nucleus” by Lise Meitner and O. R. Frisch. Source: Nature
  • The first woman to become a full professor of physics in Germany
  • The first woman from the University of Vienna and only the second in the world to earn a doctoral degree in physics
  • Contributed to the construction of Sweden’s first nuclear reactor
  • Nominated 48 times for a Nobel Prize
  • Awarded the U.S. Fermi Prize.
  • Streets, schools, prizes, elements and even asteroids were named after Meitner



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Simone Lilavois

Simone Lilavois

Simone Lilavois is a NYC high school student passionate about understanding the nature of existence in relation to the Cosmos.